Perfect aesthetic treatment for a redefined face & restored volume.

Silhouette Soft Face Lift or the ” Puppet Threads ” are now available in INDIA and we at DermaWorld Skin & Hair Clinics are one of the first Aesthetics Clinic in New Delhi, India to provide this world class anti aging, lifting and rejuvenating treatment at New Delhi, INDIA.

best Silhouette Soft treatment in delhi

Best Silhouette Soft treatment in delhi

So if you are wondering “What is Silhouette Soft Thread Lift ? ” ” Where can i get Silhouette Soft instant face lift by Silhouette Soft Threads in Delhi, India? Your search ends here – Know all about Silhouette Soft threads in Delhi, INDIA

  • It uses absorbable bi-directional  thread  with cones placed under the skin.
  • The Silhouette Soft Instant thread lift is a quick fix, minimally invasive procedure which is performed using a fine needle (no incision required)
  • At DermaWorld Skin & Hair Clinics, New Delhi, INDIA  the procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and the patient gets instant long lasting results.
  • Silhouette Soft Instant thread Lift can be used for facial contouring , jawline correction , cheeks and eyebrows in age group as less as 30 years in both men and women,
  • Silhouette Soft Instant Face lift has two step results – immediate and delayed
  • Immediate results can be seen  just after the completion of the treatment as early as  Results can be seen immediately and will improve over time
  • Final results of the Silhouette Soft Instant Thread lift  is seen  between 6 weeks and 2 months
  • Results are semi permanent and last as long as 18 to 24 months in most cases.
  • Silhouette Soft instant Tread Lift when combines with  Dermal Fillers gives even better results and give a more youthful appearance to a sagging face.
  • Cost of Silhouette Soft in New Delhi, INDIA varies from approx INR 35000 per pair to INR 40,000 per pair depending upon the requirement of the client.
  • Silhouette Soft Instant Face Lift is one of the most result oriented anti aging treatment which if performed by an experienced healthcare professional can transform your face in a matter of minutes.
  • The rare short term side effects of the Silhouette Soft Instant Thread Lift includes mild erythema, bruising or mild discomfort in rare patients.

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